Feygelah Hag Funny Jewish T-shirt
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You know who you are! Yes you do.

All your friends are boys, they're skinny, fashionable, fabulous and have a better sense of fashion than 99% of the planet.  And they don't hit on you, their conversation is always effervescent, and you can really connect.

You're a fag hag.

And your proud! And if your Jewish, or of Jewish decent, then your a Feygelah Hag. And you need to wear this t-shirt for all to know. This nifty feygelah hag, proudly Jewish t-shirt.

Plus, it'll help make others notice your impeccable fashion sense. Available in girls t-shirts, in a few colors and a few sizes. Get yours before they're gone.


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Feygelah Hag Funny Jewish T-shirt

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