Mountain Jew Retro Jewish T-shirt
Do the Jew Mountain Jew Jewish T-shirtDo the Jew  T-shirt Mountain Jew Jewish T-shirt


Technically, Mountain Jews do exist.  Called Juhuro they are Jews of the Eastern Caucasus Mountains. Also know as Caucasian Jews.

But this wild and exiting retro Jewish T-shirt celebrates the more modern, more daring, more thirst quenching Mountain Jews. Mainly, the Skiiers, The Climers, the Bikers and the Hikers, who's love of altitude and Judaica is final brought together in these limited edition Shalomshirt Mountain Jew Jewish T-shirts.

These babies are high quality, Oversized prints,produced in limited quantity.  Go ahead, Dew the Jew


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Mountain Jew Retro Jewish T-shirt

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